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RP17**H Side-Discharge Heat Pump

Product Info

The Sure Comfort Side-Discharge Heat Pump & Multi-Position Air Handler offers a Sound & Space Constraint Solution that provides system options for installations with tight space requirements and / or outdoor sound regulations. 

Variable Speed, inverter technology provides just the right amount of heating and cooling under all conditions for dependable comfort and energy savings year-round.

The Sure Comfort RP17**H Side-Discharge Heat Pump allows for flexible installation in tight outdoor spaces with a minimum clearance of only 21" on 3-sides, while the 3-Way Multi-Position Air Handler provides multiple indoor configuration options.

Quiet Operation Inside & Out.   The RP17**H Heat Pump is able to streamline airflow and reduce vibration allowing for a much quieter outdoor operation.


Matched with Air Handler RHMV*****N to offer a Sound & Space Constraint Solution

Efficiency: 19 SEER/12 EER / 10.7 HSPF

Nominal Sizes: 2, 2.5, 3 & 4 Ton


RP17**H Heat Pump (Sound & Space Constraint System)

Parts - Ten (10) Years
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