Commercial Packaged Heat Pump



The Scroll® Compressor.  All of our residential package units, regardless of efficiency level, feature the Scroll Compressor. These scroll compressors use a more advanced technology than traditional reciprocating compressors. The compressor is hermetically sealed and incorporates internal high temperature motor overload protection and durable insulation on the motor windings. It is externally mounted on rubber grommets to reduce vibration and noise. Scroll compressors with internal line break overload and high pressure protection. Single stage compressor on all models. Units have a molded compressor plug. They have fewer moving parts, and they are quieter, more efficient, and longer lasting, and quiet operation.

Durable Cabinet with Louvered Condenser Compartment.  Our cabinets have a powder painted finish that protects them from the harshest weather extremes. And our louvered condenser compartment is the best in the industry for protecting the condenser coil against yard hazards and weather extremes. There is a one piece top cover and one piece base pan with drawn supply and return opening for superior water management. Easy access to filter, blower, electric heat, and compressor/control compartments permit prompt service.

Motor/Fan Motor Mount.  Our mount helps protect the fan motor from the elements for longer life. Its design dependability helps reduce vibration and noise. Direct drive or high performance belt drive motor with variable pitch pulleys and quick adjust belt system. Permanently lubricated evaporator and condenser motors. Condenser motors are internally protected, totally enclosed with shaft down design.

Easily Accessible Control Box.  Operational controls are “up front” for quick installation and easy service diagnostics.

Matched Blower/Evaporator Coil Unit.  The blower is responsible for the flow of air into your duct work. It has been designed to match the MultiFlex® evaporator coil and other system components for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. In addition, the coil features rifled copper tubing and enhanced fins for improved efficiency. Single slab, single pass designed evaporator coil facilitate easy cleaning for maintained high efficiencies.

Service Fittings.  Exterior service fittings enable a serviceman to quickly determine unit operating conditions.

Supplemental Electric Heating Strips.  Supplemental electric heat strips up to 20 kW are available (field or factory installed) for periods of extreme cold temperatures. Single point wiring simplifies installation. Supplemental electric heat provides 100% efficient heating.

Other Benefits
  • Filter drier standard on all models (not shown).
  • Rugged base rails included for improved installation and handling.
  • High Pressure protection standard on all models. Low Pressure/Loss of charge protection standard on 6 ton model.
  • Convertible airflow.
  • TXV refrigerant metering system on each circuit.
  • Solid Core liquid line filter drier on each circuit.
  • Easy to install plug-in; slip in, 100% fully modulating
  • economizer with barometric relief.
  • 1 inch filter standard with slide out design.
  • Colored and labeled wiring.
  • 1 & 3 Phase
  • A - Electro Mech Models
  • C - 3 phase DDC models
  • Scroll® Compressor
  • Nominal Size: 3 - 5 ton
AHRI Energy Guide 13 SEER C UL  US Listed 


RJPL-A (3-5 Ton)

Compressor - 5 years (1 & 3 phase, commercial applications)

Parts - 1 year (1 & 3 phase, commercial applications)

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