RLRL-C, RLRL-H (15 & 20 Ton)

Product Info

ClearControl™ constantly monitors multiple parameters providing industry-leading diagnostics that can be viewed on a two-line, 16-character LCD. It is compatible with most 24-volt thermostats or can communicate directly with BACnet® MS/TP or LonWorks® building management system.

MicroChannel Coil
MicroChannel Coils provides industry leading heat transfer which reduces size and weight of the package rooftop unit while reducing refrigerant requirements over an older system by as much as 50%.

VFD Technology
Standard package rooftop units have constant volume supply fans. They run one high speed during all modes of operation; whether or not maximum airflow is required, wasting costly, valuable energy. Rheem’s Commercial Prestige Series™ package rooftop units with VFD reduce airflow by 50% during 1st stage cooling and fan only operation saving energy and improving comfort when maximum airflow is not required.


  • ClearControl™
  • RKRL-H ClearControl™ and VFD Technology
  • R-410A
  • Scroll compressor
  • ASHRAE Compliant


RLRL-H (15 & 20 Ton)

RLRL-C (15 & 20 Ton)

Limited Warranty:

  • Compressor - 5 years (commercial applications)
  • Parts - 1 year (commercial applications)
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